1969 June 27 LIFE Magazine - Faces American Dead - Vietnam


  1969 June 27 LIFE Magazine - Faces American Dead - Vietnam


Pg... 4 The Presidency: A City Built on Legends of Valor. By Hugh Sidey

Pg... 8-12 Reviews: Book: "The Kingdom and the Power," by Gay Talese, Reviewed by Murray Kempton

Pg... 8-12 Reviews: Theater: The Alley Theater, Houston, Reviewed by Wilfrid Sheed

Pg... 8-12 Reviews: Book: "An Unfinished Woman," by Lillian Hellman, Reviewed by V. S. Pritchett

Pg... 18 Letters to the Editors

Pg... 20 The American Dead in Vietnam: Between May 28 and June 3, 242 U.S. Servicemen were Listed as Killed. A Record and a Tribute

Pg... 36 The Ascent of Prince Charles: One Day He will Reign Over Britain; Next Week He Becomes Prince of Wales. By Jack Newcombe

Pg... 44 Art: In Super Realism, It's Hard to Tell a Painting from a Photograph

Pg... 50B The Man Who Gave Us 'Hair': Playboy Michael Butler was a Flop at Everything Except Polo. Then He Ran Across a Hippie Musical and Became a Success. By Josh Greenfeld

Pg... 58 The Auto's Gilded Age: The Sculptured Beauty of Cars that Survive as Specters of a Long-Ago Era. Photographed by Bob Gomel. One Man's Family of Five Old Cars. By John Neary

Pg... 67 Sequel: Basketball Player Connie Hawkins, Unjustly Banned by the National Basketball Association for Five Years, is Vindicated by a Settlement with the League. By David Wolf

Pg... 68 Miscellany

 June 27, 1969

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