Dessert Mr Jersey

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Dessert Mr Jersey

As I climb the staircase out of the restaurant, in full view of everyone, I fall forward and lean onto the steps, butt in the air. At that very moment you grab my waist with one hand the other goes up straight between my legs. Within two seconds your fingers slide smoothly in and then out of my /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy causing me to moan out. A couple of people rush to my aid as they see the fall and we rush out.

Our driver opens the door and we step into the car. We start to kiss slowly; you bite my lip, I suck on yours. You tug at me, pulling me astride your legs, your hands softly xxx and discreetly stroking my bum under my short dress. Kissing me across my face, down the side of my neck, biting and sucking my skin.

You drop the straps on my top to my shoulders and it slides down my body. As you hold my breasts in your hands you start to brush against my nipples with your thumbs and then you firmly pinch them. I groan as I arch my back pushing my tits forward and my head back, grinding my pussy into you.

The radio is turned up.

You playfully grab my butt cheek and you start slowly and lightly rimming my butt-hole with a finger. You raise your finger an inch from my mouth which I spit on and you reach back down. Your stroking and circling of my butt-hole drives me /crazy/">crazy and within a few minutes my arse is bobbing up and down on the tip of your little finger.

The car stops outside the hotel and we breeze into the bar. As you order us a bottle, a dark haired, voluptuous curvy woman clumsily leaves the bar and heads to the restroom. You are smiling, looking at me as you stroke my cheek and I follow her in. Shes in front of the mirror, she doesnt notice when I loosen my chain and it falls onto the floor. She picks it up and offers to put it back on for me. Im looking at her lips and I pull her face to mine. Im putting my tongue in her mouth, sucking on hers imagining it inside me. We walk towards the lift, you follow and we go up to the penthouse.

The door opens and youre leading us both to the bedroom. You pour a drink. As she stands you slowly strip her down and when you get to sliding her knickers down, her pussy is swollen making her clit stick out. So pink. You grab her big, /fat/">fat lips together and suck on them. I kneel on the floor next to you and taste her on your mouth while pushing her down onto the bed. Shes completely naked. I spread her legs apart, watch her pussy lips gape open and trace my tongue along her towards her hard pink clit. I put my lips around it and suck on it.

Popping it in and out of my mouth, flicking my tongue on it as I do. Im easing two fingers into her. Her pussy is filled with her juice, leaking out, sliding down her butt crack. You start slapping my arse getting harder and harder. As my fingers are fucking into her pussy I arch them up inside her towards her stomach while I press down on them firmly with my other hand and I feel her tensing and start to squirt onto my fingers. Im rubbing her deep inside. Shes trembling and moaning as youre slamming your /hard/big-hard/big-hard-cock/">big hard cock into my pussy pushing my face into her pussy. You fuck into me pulling me by my throat, slamming into me as deep as you can get and she absolutely squirts up and all over my face, neck and chest.

She is so lost in it all.
She moans about wanting to pee.
Who cares, Im so wet and need something more. Your dick is still so fucking hard.

I crawl up her body and Im sucking on her /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits. Her /nipples/big-nipples/big-erect-nipples/">big erect nipples in my mouth. I climb astride her head looking down on her full mouth and large nose. What a fucking time Im going to have! Im hovering over her head facing towards her /feet/">feet. Im sitting on her face but something isnt right. I lean back and dribble spit all over her entire face then sit back on it. Fuck! She looks so beautiful surrounded and smothered by my sticky, soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy
Fuck her face you say... I do!

Grinding and riding around on her face. Sliding all over it. Holding her chin up and making sure that her whole face gets covered by my pussy. From the top of my butt crack to my clit Im making sure that her mouth and nose slide up and down the entirety of me. Im riding on her face like its your dick. Im not letting her come up for air. I want her to be smothered by my pussy until she makes me cum.
I can see you.

You are in front of her, facing me.
You spread and lift her legs.

I thought you were going to screw her pussy but you lift her slightly and stick your huge /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock into her arse.
Me riding her big lips and huge nose and you fucking her filthy, tight arse.

You hold on to my nipples and pull and pinch them so hard while we both fuck her.

I lift my pussy from her and she moans that she really needs to pee. You pull your dick out of her arse and bang it into her pussy while I sit back on her face and yell at her to fuck me deeper with her tongue. She suddenly starts to moan and as she starts to pee herself we porn videos download both cum in and on her. Sending her home in a cab with some cash we fall asleep with the memories of the filthiest little fuck weve had in a long time.