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At first, we thought it must have been vandalism. On the other hand, in retrospect, we should have known better. The final ”o” and 't” hadn't been scribbled out, like the typical vandal would do. There had been a very neat, straight line drawn through each of them. AND they were printed considerably smaller than the other letters... and not capitalized like the others. And who the hell was Monica anyway?

About an hour earlier, my three housemates and I had decided it was finally time for us to adorn our living room with a new couch. The hand-me-down that Jeff had gotten at a garage sale three years earlier was stained with some things you don't even want to hear about... and it sagged... and it smelled. It HAD to go. And so we”d all piled into Chad's 4-seater pick-up and headed down to the south end of town to what's fondly called ”Furniture Row” because of the string of big furniture warehouses all down the east side of the street (with car dealerships lining the west side). Anyway, it was at the third furniture store we stopped where we saw the sign:


What the hell was THAT about?

”Well boys,” Chad said. ”Let's go in and meet this famous Monica.”

So in we went.

The warehouse was HUGE, perhaps the largest we”d been in. And the prices were good. We might find something here. And so we started wandering through the store, ultimately finding a couch that we all quite liked. Soft and big and perfect for fucking /girl/sexy-girls/">sexy girls.

It was after a salesman named Mike had come over and started to answer questions about the couch that Chad finally braved to ask the question ” ”So... where's Monica?”

Mike smiled and looked around. ”She's probably in the back somewhere with a customer,” he said. ”I'm sure she'll be out in a few minutes.”

”Does she OWN the place?” Jeff asked.

Mike shook his head. ”She's just our ”closer”. If she can't close out a deal for you boys, no one can! Do you want me to send her over to you when I see her?”

The four of us just looked at each other and shrugged. ”Sure.”

It was several minutes later when something bright and yellow caught our eye. A woman was walking towards us and she certainly was striking. Before she got to us, though, she stopped to answer a couple of questions from another customer. It gave us a good chance to look her over.

She was a FOX! Straight, medium-length brown hair... a gorgeous face... and a very sexy figure. She was wearing a bright yellow blouse to go with black dress pants and black spike heels, a contrast that definitely brought all eyes to her. She looked to be in her early to mid thirties and her figure was consistent with that. No longer a skinny teen, she had nice breasts and a full, rounded bum that really filled out the seat of her pants and looked, in a word, ni-i-i-ice! I could definitely fantasize fucking that tight little butthole of hers.

The only thing odd was that their seemed to be some sort of white label at the side of each of her knees. It seemed like an odd design of pant for that reason only.

Finally, she finished with the other customer and started back towards us. She had a big gorgeous smile that took my breath away. But, still troubled by the tags by her knees, I glanced down as she got closer and was surprised to see that she was wearing knee braces. ”Does she have /bad/">bad knees?” I thought.

But then, as she drew even closer, I saw that they weren't knee braces at all. They were knee PADS. You know, like volleyball players wear.

Why the heck would she be wearing knee pads?

”Can I help you boys?” she asked sweetly.

For a minute, my buddies and I just stood there in stunned silence. This woman was GORGEOUS!

”We”re here to buy a new couch,” I said.

”And did you know someone's vandalized your sign?” Chad added. He was always the bravest and most direct of us four.

She just chuckled. ”What does it say?”

”Well... a couple of letters have been crossed out... so it kind of reads... Monica's Blow U Sale.”

”That's what it's SUPPOSED to say,” she laughed again.

”REALLY?” I think all four of us asked that.

”Sure. Here's how it works. If you boys can find any store that has a lower price on any item you want than we have, not only will we match their price, but we'll take 10% off... AND I'll blow you.”

Oh shit!

”Blow as in... a blowjob?” I asked.

”Uh huh,” she nodded, brightly.

”All four of us?” Tom asked, breathlessly.

”Of course!”

”You'll drop to your knees, right here in the store, and give each one of us a blowjob?” Chad asked.


”Waaaait a minute,” Jeff said. ”It has to be the EXACT same couch?”

”Uh huh!”

”Like this one?”

”Do you like this one?” she asked.

”We”re thinking about it.”

”It's a very nice couch,” she nodded.

”But hold on! Just WHERE are we going to find the EXACT same couch?” Jeff was the most cynical of us all and, naturally, the first one to see through this big marketing ruse.

It was ALL a gimmick, I suddenly realized. Of course we”d never find the EXACT same couch. The kneepads this /brunette/sexy-brunette/">sexy brunette was wearing were just part of a big marketing trick.

But then again, I thought... why would she be sending us away to other stores? This made no sense!

And that's when she stunned us by answering: ”You'll find this EXACT same couch next door at the back right. And they”re having a sale too, so it MIGHT be cheaper this week.”



”Stay right here,” Tom said, turning to rush next door.

”Just ask one of the girls at the back to give you a sales sheet,” she called to him.

Over the next few minutes, this sexy saleswoman told us all about the couch and how ell it was made. Then she demonstrated how the couch was equipped with a queen-size fold-out bed. And we just stood back and marvelled at full hd xvideo download her shapely ass as she bent over to very slowly and deliberately pull it out for us.

Holy mother of shit!

Later, when I asked about the cushions, she bent over again and all three of us guys nearly creamed our pants again. She purposefully paused in that bent over position and glanced back at us, while explaining how each cushion was made and how their covers were washable.

Gawd! That ASS!!!

Where the fuck was Tom?

It was Chad who thought to ask her how sturdy the legs were. ”I”ve had couches where the legs broke,” he said.

And this time she got down on her knees to demonstrate how the leg nearest to her was very sturdily made. Instinctively, the three of us drew closer around her. From her knees, she smiled up at us with her big brown eyes, and I fantasized that she”d start reaching for my zipper, and prayed to GOD that Tom would return soon with good news.

Tom was totally out of breath when he finally did return.

”Sorry guys,” he said. ”It took me a few minutes to find the same couch.”

He handed the sheet to the sexy saleslady, who accepted it with thanks and then stood up again.

”How much was it?” Jeff, Chad and I asked Tom, all at once.

”$699,” he said.

We looked over at Monica.

”How much does yours sell for?” Chad asked, slowly.

”The tag says $719; but let's make sure there's no sale on for it.”

”Oh please, please, please let it be more than $699!” I prayed silently.

”Let's go take a look,” she said. And the four of us followed her amazing ass to the nearest computer. Her pants had one little buttoned pocket on the right cheek, but otherwise hugged the curves of her ass ever-so-tightly. Again, we four marvelled at it as she bent over the computer. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She”d could have us all on our knees blowing HER if she asked for it.

Finally she stood up and smiled at us.

”It actually IS on sale, boys,” she said with a sigh.

And my heart sank. Oh fuck!

But then she continued. ”But $719 IS the sale price. Normally, it sells for $849.”

She smiled at us. ”So... would you LIKE 10% off their price of $699... AND would you all like a blowjob?”

”Fuck yes!” Chad answered for all of us.

”Well just follow me to the back and I'll ask one of our girls to write it up for you.”

We followed her magnetic ass to a station at the back where there were a couple of other girls working behind a big desk.

”If one of you stays here, Penny will draw up the contract for you while the other three of you come with me.”

Jeff, the cynic, was the one we”d already decided would pay for the couch with a credit card, to be reimbursed by the rest of us at the bank on the way home.

”Don't disappear,” he told Monica, sternly.

”Of course not,” she smiled. ”I can take care of you three just over here, so your friend doesn't have far to go when he's done.”

To our amazement, she dropped to her knees right in the middle of the store, not ten feet from where Penny and Jeff were making financial arrangements, and where she could be seen from almost anywhere in the store.

She reached up to undo my zipper first.

”What's your name?” she asked me.

”Ah... uh... uh... Charlie!”

”Hi Charlie,” she said with a chuckle, suddenly leaning forward to take me into her mouth while reaching over with both hands to undo Chad's zipper.

Soon her mouth was on him as she used one hand on me and the other to deftly undo Tom's zipper. Shit! She was going to blow all of us at once.

Sure enough, in a couple of minutes, Jeff had joined us, and she was using one free hand to unzip him, her mouth now sliding up and down Tom's rising rod.

Her mouth then slipped over to get Jeff hard, while her hands worked Chad and me. Then her mouth was on me again, and her hands on Tom and Jeff. And then, after about thirty seconds of blissful sucking that brought me to the very edge of climax, she popped off me to concentrate on Tom, while her hand gently stroked Jeff and me.

Masterfully, her mouth and hands alternated between the four of us, keeping all us all the verge of /ecstasy/">ecstasy but not quite cumming. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing, sliding to and fro slowly and rhythmically, tilting her head one way and then the other to work different parts of our shaft with each slide; and applying just the right amount of suction with her cheeks.

Gawd! It felt good! Warm and wet and tingly.

It was Penny who showed up with a camera.

”Would you like me to take some pictures for you?” she asked.

Fuck yes!

The next five or so minutes were a regular photo shoot, as Monica posed for over 60 photos.

”Be sure to get a few of her /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass,” Chad said.

And Monica proudly jutted out her bum while leaning hard into Jeffrey's crotch with her face.

”Go deep!” Chad told Monica. And she did, deep-throating all four of us and letting Penny capture at least 3 of 4 photos like that with each of us.

At one point, Penny (who, incidentally, was very /cute/">cute herself ” MAYBE 20 years old though she still looked like a teen, and having a light brown ponytail and wearing a pink sweater, navy jeans and pink tennis shoes) was on her knees getting a close-up of Monica deep throating Tom, when Chad put his cock right in front of her face.

Without a second thought, Penny opened up her mouth to take him inside, and continued to slide up and down his rod while taking pictures of Monica on Tom. And when it was Chad's turn to be in Monica's throat, Penny accepted ME into her mouth, sliding up and down my rod while shooting away with her camera.

Finally, Penny handed her camera over to Jeff, who squatted down to take a few pictures of Penny deep throating me and then Tom.

Ultimately, we each ended up shooting our wads twice, once into Monica's mouth, and once into Penny's. And both girls swallowed everything.

Monica was so, so professional. After spending fifteen minutes on her knees blowing the four of us, she stood up and shook all our hands, thanking us for our business and reminding us to contact her ”personally” should there be any problems with the couch. Meanwhile, Penny resumed her seat behind the desk and just smiled at us as we passed by.

”Good bye,” she said sweetly and waved. The blowjob from her hadn't been quite as skilled as from Monica, but it had been wonderful nonetheless. And her face was so young and /sweet/">sweet, it had been like fucking the face of an angel.


For the remainder of that week, every weekend we couldn't help but pop back into the store to see how Monica was doing with sales. Needless to say, she spent a lot of her time in the back, sometimes having Penny join her if there was more than one customer to blow, and other times having a cute short-haired blonde named Dawn join her. A couple of times, Chad pulled out his camera and asked whatever man or men Monica was working on if they minded him taking pictures.

”If it's okay with Monica,” the men said.

”Hmm hmmmm!” she nodded, waving Chad on.

These pictures were great, because Chad got to back up and take pictures in context, showing Monica on her knees amid this big busy store with customers mulling around in the background. And because Penny and Dawn weren't as busy either, when Monica had only one or two to blow at a time, we got to take pictures of these two girls as well, including several Dawn took with Chad's camera of Penny blowing all four of us; and vice versa.

The one time we showed up and Monica wasn't busy and the store was fairly empty because it was near closing time mid week, she kneeled to blow us again, just to thank us for our past business. That day, as always, she”d again worn black pants and heels, but with a royal blue satin blouse that looked great on her too. The store closed while she was still sucking us, but that didn't stop her. In fact, soon, she, Penny and Dawn all were on their knees, each surrounded by a crowd of men that included the dozen or so male salesmen who”d joined in the fun.

This party lasted two hours past closing, each salesman wanting to fuck each of these girls” mouths at least once; but no one minded.

”It's team building,” the floor manager quipped as he royally fucked young Penny's throat, driving his cock all the way down and holding it as Penny stared up at several cameras with fun panic in her eyes.

And on the next day when Monica WAS busy with two male customers, it was Penny who offered to blow us on her break.

”Can you wait five minutes for me?” she asked us. ”I just have to finish a bit of paperwork.”

”Shit, yes!” we answered.

And once again Penny found herself surrounded, this time outside in the parking lot with the four of us and TWO salesmen on their breaks. It was a beautiful sunny day, and Penny was so happy to spend some time outside.


The big question we all had as the week came to a close was... what happens when there's no MONICA”S BIG BLOWoUt Sale? What does Monica do?

And that's when EVERYTHING became clear to us. Because that next weekend, the same sign was /hung/">hung on the door of the store NEXT DOOR. And we found out that the two stores were owned by the same parent company. This wasn't competition between two rivals. It was ingenious marketing guaranteed to keep sales going back and forth between those two stores.

”I think it's time we buy a new TV stand and area rug for the free porn movies download living room, don't you, boys?” Chad suggested.

Hell yes!

And once again the prices for each item were just a wee bit too high (of course; they ALWAYS would be... that's how the system worked) so Monica got to again close the deal from her knees.

This time it was a sexy dark-haired, sweet-assed girl named Edina who did the paper work and photos and had her mouth fucked too, kneeling right next to Monica who, once again, had made us an offer that none of us could EVER refuse.

With a sexy, slightly fuller ass like Monica's and wearing nice grey dress pants, Edina's ass and Monica's ass were so, so sexy, right next to each other like this. I operated Chad's camera this time, and happily went from one cock-filled face to the other, and from one /ass/sexy-ass/">sexy ass to the other. But both girls had to work steadily this day, as it was Saturday afternoon - peak time - and there were already at least a dozen more customers waiting patiently in line.