Not a Saint

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Not a Saint

Chapter 1 The Meeting

I can always remember the way I use to look at Jessica. Her long dark silky hair and her almond shaped brown eyes mesmerized me. Her skin looked so soft and delicate. She had that fresh innocent look about her, her smile so sweet and such a tease. I used to stare at her for hours obsessed by this beautiful girl. The kind of girl any man would want for himself. She never had any clue how much I use to think about her. I often went into a rage, knowing she’d never be mine.

I’d often masturbate thinking of how she’d feel. How her lips would feel on mine, how her body would quiver with excitement as she came. This young girl had no idea how I’d often fantasized about kidnapping her and making her my little sex slave. She’d be such a good obedient slave. I’d make sure of that!

It started last summer when I was working as the head custodian at one of the largest advertising companies in California. I’d worked for other companies, but this one was huge and it paid well for someone of my position. The company was run mostly by white males who had gone to college and were achieving their dream. The women that worked there were mostly in their 30’s but all very sexy. Although I’d often look at these women, I never really took in consideration of kidnapping any of them. Besides the fact that they were either married or engaged, was sort of a turn off for me. I wanted a nice single girl. Someone I could make mine all mine.

I’d been working at the company for over two years now and that’s when I finally met Jessica. I still remember her walking in the big glass doors. She looked lost and so innocent. She looked no older than 21. I was down at the main floor doing my usual cleaning when I looked up at her. She was wearing a short little brown business skirt and her white button up silk blouse that was covered by her matching brown blazer. Her legs were long and a beautiful tan color, which were standing on a pair of brown high heels. She carried her black leather briefcase closely.

I watched as she walked over to the front desk obviously asking for directions. I was completely hypnotized by her elegance and grace. I’d never seen such a pretty girl before. Just looking at her was making my cock begin to rise. She was talking to the receptionist for a while and then proceeded to head towards the elevators. I watched as she walked slowly, letting me admire every curve she had. She passed by me and gave me a kind and warm smile.

’Hello,’ she said softly and walked on by.

I was speechless and felt paralyzed. This girl took my breath away and I knew I had to have her one way or another. I kept my eye on her until the elevator door closed. No other woman in that building had ever spoken to me before. They were all stuck up rich bitches that only spoke to wealthy men. But there was something different about this girl. She had something those other women didn’t have and it wasn’t just because of her age, but something that was hidden deep down.

For the next few days, all I could think about was that lovely girl dressed in brown that I had seen. I’d jacked off to her curvaceous body several times. I just kept thinking what she looked like naked. What she would say as I took her, making her cum. Fuck! This girl was in for a treat. I just had to find her again.

One afternoon, I was cleaning up one of the main boss’ office, when I heard that soft sweet voice I’d heard a few days ago. I turned around to see that beautiful girl that had been dressed in brown. Today she was dressed in a navy blue skirt, still milf porn videos short, showing off those long golden legs. She stood outside the door talking to Mr. Krandal, the main boss. Mr. Krandal was at least my age 45 or 46. He kept in shape as I did, but his hair was slightly gray and mine was jet-black. I could see the way his eyes wondered down at this young girl. It was easily shown how bad he’d want to have her in bed.

’Well thank you Mr. Krandal,’ I heard the girl say.

’Well Jessica, you know you were recommended to us by the dean of your college so we are delighted to have you work with us,’ Mr. Krandal responded gently, putting one hand on her shoulder.

Ah, Jessica. Her name was Jessica. My heart was racing with wild thoughts of fucking this girl without her consent. And at the same time, I made a fist, wanting to beat the shit out of this rich bastard for even getting to touch the beauty. Their conversation continued but I was just lost looking at Jessica. Mr. Krandal was flirting viciously with this girl but she wasn’t flirting back. Oh what a /good/good-girl/">good girl she was! Other girls would have been taking their tops off now anything to get in bed with the rich asshole.

Chapter 2 Some Relief For Michael

They left a few minutes later and I finished cleaning up the office. I usually got out of work late, sometimes not until 11pm at night. Once I got home, I’d either watch some T.V or go straight to bed. Tonight was different. I wasn’t tired like I usually was, I was horny as hell. I decided to go to a bar down the street to get some drinks and maybe pick up a slut to come home with me.

I got to the bar around midnight and my eyes gazed the dim lighted room several times until they came upon a hot looking young blonde girl. She sat at one of the booths by herself wearing a short leather skirt and a tight white top. She sat with her legs crossed and a cigarette in her mouth. I wasn’t sure if she was a prostitute or not.

I casually grabbed my beer and walked over to where the blonde sat. Her eyes quickly looked up at me and she smiled wickedly. She looked trashy as hell but I didn’t care. I wanted some pussy and I was going to get it whether she liked it or not.

’Hey stranger, what’s your name?’ She said flirting.

’Michael, my name is Michael,’ I said in a low voice.

’Well Michael, are you looking for some pleasure this evening?’ She scooted her self closer to me.

It was disgusting. This girl was a complete whore. No fun in that. I still couldn’t get Jessica out of my mind though. This little bitch was going to be my Jessica tonight.

I felt her stroking my hair as her cigarette breath was making me want to puke. I drank my beer slowly as she kept talking nonsense to me. I wanted to just tell her to shut the fuck up and to suck on my dick.

’Let’s get out of here,’ I told the blonde as she was about to kiss my lips.

’Ooh I like a man that’s aggressive!’ She squealed as she followed me out the bar.

Aggressive? This bitch didn’t know how aggressive I really was. I was tired of dirty sluts like her but it seemed that’s all I could get now days. Growing up I never once got a chance to be with a sweet innocent girl.

We got to my house a few minutes later. I lived alone in a small two-bedroom home that was usually a mess. My house was completely dark and all you could hear were police sirens. I turned on the lights as the blonde walked in the house behind me anxiously. Her long boots made loud thumping sounds as she walked in.

I threw my keys on the coffee table and she made herself at home on the couch. She slouched down with her legs open showing me she had no underwear on. Her skanky cunt was making me sick. I sat on the couch in front of her. Although this girl was such a whore, she still managed to make my cock hard. I could hear her laugh.

’Oh, do you want me to come to you? Or are you coming to me?’ She said playfully.

’Crawl to me bitch,’ I ordered.

Her eyes widened, but she followed my orders. She slid herself off the couch and got on her knees. She crawled towards me keeping those emerald eyes on me the whole time. It took blowjob porn videos her a few seconds and finally she was there on her knees waiting for my next order.

’Now I want you to milk my cock like the good little whore I know you are.’ I hissed grabbing her hair hard.

’Oww! Hold on a minute!’ She wailed.

’What the fuck? Aren’t you a hooker bitch?’ I yelled at her.

Her eyes looked up at me in fear. She trembled, as she got closer to unzipping my pants. I loved the terror in this whore’s eyes as I smiled with pleasure ready for her to suck my cock. Her skinny hands reached to pull my cock out as I felt her long fingernails brush against my skin.

’Yes Jessica, suck it,’ I blurted out.

She looked up at me confused. ’Jessica? But my name is-.’

’Your name is Jessica you got it?’ I said interrupting her.

She nodded slowly and continued to get my cock out of my pants. I was rock hard and so ready for this bitch to suck me off. She was slowly starting to wrap those ruby red lips around my swollen head as she wrapped her fingers around my cock. I shoved her head down making her deep throat me. I heard her almost gag as my cock hit the back of her mouth.

’Yes! Suck it baby! Oh Jessica, suck it!’ I gasped as I closed my eyes with images of Jessica’s pure mouth sucking on me.

I grasped the whore’s hair in my hands pulling on it, tugging on it. I made her head bob up and down to the rhythm that satisfied me. I swear at that moment I could almost feel Jessica’s brown silky hair on my hands. I heard slurping sounds as the whore continued to suck my cock. As hard as I tried, I could not feel a cumming sensation yet. This bitch was just an awful cocksucker!

I yanked her mouth off my cock and looked her in the eye. I could see her eyes wide in shock of what I was going to do next. I stood up with my cock hanging out of my pants and dragged the whore by her hair to my bedroom. I could hear her scream at me to stop.

’Ahhhhh! Shit what the fuck is your problem?’ She screamed out as she was being dragged.

I could hear her, but I wasn’t going to stop. This bitch was going to get fucked hard.

’Stop! Pleeease!’ She continued.

I just kept hauling her and finally we got to my bedroom. I easily picked her 110-pound body up and threw her on the bed. I could see streams of tears now running down her slutty face. Her dark makeup was now smeared and she was gasping for air. She fell with her legs wide open and I just laughed at her.

’Your pussy is so busted. I don’t know if I’m really going to enjoy myself.’

She looked up at me with fear and hatred. ’Fuck you! You psycho!’

I burst out laughing again. ’Shut the fuck up you cunt! Now turn around and show me your asshole. I know you have to be tighter there. ’

’No!’ She yelled and tried to kick me with her boot.

I felt myself losing patience with this bitch. I started to take off my black leather belt that I always wore. The whore was sobbing and suddenly stopped when she saw me take my belt off.

’W-what are you doing?’ She asked nervously.

’I’m going to beat you with my belt for not obeying me.’

The bitch’s eyes opened wide full of terror that was awaiting her. I furiously pulled up her leather skirt and aimed my belt at her upper thighs. Smaaaaaaaack! I slapped the belt on her white skin, which automatically turned crimson.

’Ahhhhhhhhh!’ The bitched yelled out. ’Shit! Ok please stop!’

The pleasure of her being in pain made me block out her screams of torture. Again I hit her and heard her scream in agony. Her screams got louder with each hit. I continued to beat her with my belt as she tried to squirm around the bed trying to get away.

’Stoppppp! Owwwwww!’ She continued to shriek.

I managed to strike her over fifteen times. Her skin was now beginning to look swollen and looked like she was about to bleed from being hit so much. Her thighs were completely red and I’d left belt marks on her arms since she’d tried to protect herself. I realized at that moment that I’d made myself clear and stopped the beating. I heard her weeping very quietly.

’Maybe next time you’ll do what your master says. I don’t like telling sluts like you to do something twice. You follow orders immediately! Is that clear?’ I shouted feeling my pulse racing.

’Y-yes,’ she said bawling.

’Ok now let’s try this again. Turn around so I can fuck your ass. I hope your tight back there or else I’m going to really make you cry.’

The blonde gradually turned around as I watched her now weak body move. There she was on all fours like a whore should be. Her ass was at a low level. I grabbed my belt and smacked her ass hard.

’Fucccck! Ahhhhhhhhhh!’ She cried out.

’Put your ass up in the air you dirty cunt! How the fuck am I supposed to put my dick in there if you don’t?’ My anger was rising.

’Ok! Ok!’ She moaned.

She eased herself closer to the edge of the bed moving her ass up in the air. I was having too much fun so I smacked her again. I laughed loudly as I heard her yell again. ’Arrrgh!’

’Higher bitch! Raise that ass really high in the air!’

She sobbed loudly now as she managed elevate her ass up high. I looked as her ass and spread her cheeks wide open. She looked hygienic at least. Her pink puckered hole was just a bit loose. I could tell she’d got it up the ass several times. Fuck! This bitch was all used up!