Best Friend First

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Best Friend First

My buddy Robert and I were out late last weekend, we?d just left the X rated drive-in at the edge of town and were headed back into Town. I asked Robert if he?d noticed the two guys parked next to us. Yeah he said I think that was kind of hot, you know what I mean. Really, I said as I pulled over at the Park, under the branches of an enormous weeping willow that partially hid us from view and the street light, I turned off the car and killed the lights.

I had for years wanted to suck on his cock but had never brought up the subject. I wanted to see how far he was willing to go; jeez, we?d been jacking off in front of each other since we were eighteen, but in all those years had never touched each other?s cocks. We?d even shared Pepper, this chick once, well several times and I?d seen him eat her pussy out, right after I had left a thick load and vice a versa.

So I asked.

Dude, you?d suck some cock! ?Well? Robert said, ?Not like just? anybody?s cock, yea know what I mean aye, like you an? me. Oh yea I said, I know what you mean, Man. I reached across the seat and rubbed his crotch and felt his cock begin to stir. Like sure, I said, I know what yea mean Robert, I scooted towards him. Saying, like I?d do you and you would do me, Right buddy. I slid my hand down his pants and past his underwear. He didn?t answer; he sucked in his belly to allow me more access to his now stiff cock.

My hand massaged his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock as Robert undid his pants and zipper, and then slid them down, past his ass. His skinny uncut six or so inch cock sprang up and for the /first-time/">first time I held his cock firm in my hand His pre-cum lubricated my hand as I pumped his cock up and down with long strokes. He moaned as I worked his cock faster and flicked the head with my tongue. I took his cock in my mouth and rolled my tongue all over it. I told him to recline the seat a bit and relax. He said ?Fuck dude I want to watch you do it. Do what, I asked him. I want to watch you suck my cock some more?.

He pulled my head to his cock and I parted my lips and sucked his cock past his purple knob and sucked it deep. His cock was hot and it felt good in my mouth. I snaked my tongue all around the shaft of his prick and took his whole cock deep throat to his balls. Then slowly sucked and kneaded his balls as I drew back to his wet knob. I gave him five quick sucks deep throat again and stayed down on the last one sucking his cock for all I was worth. I felt his balls twitch and his cock grew stiffer. I felt the first blast hit the back of my throat and pulled back to his knob to catch a blast on my tongue. Ahhhh success, Robert blasted three more thick creamy loads as I sucked his knob clean and squeezed his cock to drain his stiff /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock. I licked his /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls clean and sat back up and moved back to the driver?s seat and started the car. Robert sat in his seat, his cock still rock hard and bobbing as he breathed deeply as if he?d just ran a mile. I pulled out onto the road and headed for a more private area.

Robert came back to earth and said ?Man dude, that was fucking great you suck better than Pepper. Dude, we?re we headed too?. I told him I knew of a place that?s safer for us and drove on. Robert reached over and placed his hand on my thigh asking me if he could rub my cock while I drove, we hit a red light and I quickly pulled my pants past my ass and out whipped my cock slapping my belly as it sprang free. A string of pre-cum /hung/">hung from the rim of my knob and began to slowly drip towards my belly. Robert dove in and took my cock in his mouth in one swift move he buried his mouth down to my balls and came back up; his mouth a vacuum as he came up quickly. ?Too /fat/">fat dude, he whispered, your cocks too fat for me to stay down, man. Too hard to take it all, but I going to do my best, yea know? Robert said. I told him to just suck the knob for now and I would feed him my whole cock when we got parked. He didn?t answer he just began to lick and suck my knob as I drove down the road.

I pulled off the main road and into a new housing complex past the model homes and found a partially completed home and backed into the finished garage, shut off the car and tossed a tarp over the hood. Robert popped up and asked if we were there. I pulled the dome light and opened my door. Yea, come on dude. I pulled my pants up as did Robert his cock still hard; he held his pants in his hands as we made it into the house. I found some painters? tarps ad spread them on the floor and laid back. I kicked off my pants and pulled off my shirt. I looked at Robert and nodded for him to join me, patting the tarp next to me. He began to lay down and I said ?69 dude, turn round fucker.? Oh fuck yea?, he said ?You get on top and fuck my mouth Ok?. I rolled on top of Robert and felt his lips engulf my knob as his tongue swirled round my cock. I wrapped my lips round his cock and sucked his boner down my nasty throat leaving it covered in my saliva.

I pulled his ass cheeks apart and licked his asshole, forcing my tongue in it. Robert raised his ass wanting more of it. I shoved a finger into his asshole and slowly worked it in and out. I spit on it and tried two fingers, Robert bucked harder to accept my probing fingers. I sucked his cock back into my mouth as I finger banged his ass, now using three fingers. Robert was sucking me deeper now, moaning and groaning as I finger fucked his ass and sucked his cock and balls. I felt the familiar twitch of his cock and he sped up his bucking as he blew his second load in my mouth. Not as big as his first but still a nice tasty one. His cock began to get soft in my mouth and I sucked it dry and went back to work on his asshole with my tongue and fingers. My cock was hard as a pipe and I could feel myself getting close to cumming. I wanted to see it, just as he had seen me take his load. I pulled my cock out and squeezed the base to delay my /ejaculation/">ejaculation, I was going to tell Robert to kneel in front of me, so I could watch him take white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie my load, but Robert had other plans.

He spun his around and grabbed his ass cheeks and told me to shove it in his asshole. ?Fuck me dude, /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass and when you get ready to cum, pull out and I?ll suck it up, OK.

You think I complained, I scooted forwards and lined myself up, I spit on his asshole and pushed my cock head into asshole. ?Do it fucker?, Robert moaned ?/ass/ass-fucking/fuck-me-in-my-ass/">fuck me in my ass. You dont know how many times wed be jacking off and Id want to just bend over and suck your cock and get you too fuck my ass", he pushed back onto the head of my cock easing it into his ass slowly. My Knob popped passed his sphincter and Robert moaned and shoved his ass backwards taking my fat seven inch cock in his ass. It felt moist and his asshole squeezed my shaft as I pumped his hole slowly for the next few minutes. Robert moaned softly and he began to jack off his cock again. I bent forwards and reached around and took his cock from his hand and began to jack him off as I pumped his ass faster and deeper, shoving every bit of my cock up his /sweet/sweet-ass/">sweet ass. He fucking? loved it, and told me to fuck him harder.

I fucking rammed my cock hard into him releasing his cock and stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv grabbing hold of his hips, I pounded his ass with nice long deep strokes, and pulling the head out to his sphincter and shoving it back in to the hilt. ?Yeah Carlos just like that dude, fuck me deep aye, /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard?, he said, ?It?s so fucking big and fat, fuck me hard. We saw some car lights enter the project and dead freaking stopped; we lay silent as the security patrol made its check.

My cock still deep in Roberts?s ass, we waited?Roberts cock grew even harder as we watched the security car drive by and exit the project. ?Shit that was exciting, my cock was ready to burst a load man?, Robert said.

I pulled out and had him to lay on his back and put his legs over my shoulders so I could fuck him missionary style. He moved forwards and sucked my cock for a minute. Then as he turned and lay back he grabbed his ankles and offered up his /sweet/">sweet hole.? Do it fucker, shove that /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock in my ass, Carlos ram it deep? he said.

I grabbed hold of his calves and slipped my cock into his asshole, his cock swung up and down as I pounded away at his ass. He bucked up to meet my thrust and after about four minutes, he began to cum again; his jizz spraying all up his belly and face, some puddle in his belly button, I bent to licked it up as I licked clean his face and torso of his thick hot jizz.. I felt that same twitch in my own cock now, and knew I?d be coming soon; I slid my cock out his ass as I released his calves.

?You going to cum Carlos? he said I held my prick and nodded yes, Robert spun round as I stood up he kneeled in front of me his mouth opened and tongue stuck out. I put my cock to his lips and blew my first wad down his throat and the rest all over his face and lips. He sucked it all up and licked me clean; I spread my legs as he worked his tongue into my asshole now. I could hear his tongue slurping away at my ass and balls. I pulled back and told him to lie down again on his belly and I fucked his ass again this time blowing my wad in his ass. I pulled my cock out and Robert cleaned me off. I found a couple of bottled waters and rinsed my cock and balls off.

I offered a bottle to Robert said ?No dude Im good, fuck that was awesome dude. So what you want to do now man, I asked him.
We loaded into the car and drove home, like it was just a normal night out; Robert said we should look up Pepper tonight. I said yea let?s give her a good double fucking.? dude? Robert said,? I want to fuck her, while you fuck me. I said maybe we should go slowly with who knows about our bi-sexual fun, but reassured him, if a chick would be into it? I?d be Pepper. I dropped him off at his place and headed home. Big Night Tonight, I thought as I lay down to sleep? I could feel it in my balls getting tight.