Oceans Caress

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Oceans Caress

Elaina awoke slowly, hearing a discussion near her. She was on a soft bed, nestled among the softest blankets that she had ever felt. She wondered idly what they were made of as her mind tuned into the conversation.

?You?ll do? I cannot believe you said ?You?ll do?. What did you get that from?? A voice that carried the volume of a waterfall commented.

?It worked, didn?t it?? The second voice answered, a voice that sent tingles through Elaina?s body.

?Rahsa, I do believe that if she had been given a chance to think about it, you would have returned with less of an armful.? The first said.

So that was his name. Elaina wondered at it briefly before deciding that it suited him. She focused back on the voices.

?Be careful. She can awaken at anytime.? Rahsa warned the other man.

She heard a sigh of annoyance. ?You and your fixation on mystery. Did it ever occur to you that she doesn?t need the anonymity to stick around??

?Perhaps it escaped your notice that the last three you brought back didn?t stay, without the mystery.? Rahsa retorted. ?Besides, she doesn?t need my name.?

A snort of laughter came from the unknown man. ?That?s as clear as daylight. Oh, wait. You can?t see daylight at the bottom of the ocean.?

?Enough Wroth!? Rahsa snapped.

?Ah, be careful brother. She could wake at any moment.? Wroth warned, teasing Rahsa.

?Neither of you seems to have realized that she has been awake for quite some time.? A soothing voice joined in.

Elaina wondered at this voice. It was the voice of a small stream, bubbling with laughter. It seemed so happy, and was definitely feminine. She fought to keep her eyes closed.

There was a gentle touch on her forehead. ?It?s all right, dear one; you can open your eyes.? The woman said.

Elaina did so slowly, blinking to focus in the strange light. Three faces swam into view, two strangers, and her former lover. She smiled at him. He blinked in /surprise/">surprise before he smiled back and sat on the edge of the bed.

?How are you?? Wroth asked.

She sat up, causing Wroth to look away and the woman to giggle. Looking down at herself, she blushed. She was still naked. She drew the blankets around herself.

?Sorry.? She said, her voice hoarse.

Wroth busied himself with pouring her a glass of water. Pressing it into her hands he said, ?It isn?t your fault my brother is an inconsiderate lout.?

She looked up at Rahsa. ?Maybe not so inconsiderate. More like? hasty.? She suggested with a shy smile at him.

He grinned at her. ?Well, I didn?t want to give you a chance to think before I brought you here.?

Elaina looked around, reminded of her strange surroundings. They were obviously in a cave of some sort, but she could find no noticeable entrance. She took a drink from the cup. It was fresh water.

Staring into the cup she asked, ?Where exactly is here??

?Under the ? ? Wroth began.

?It doesn?t matter right now.? Rahsa told her, interrupting his brother.

Elaina felt a twinge of resentment at his secrecy. She frowned at the cup and said, sexxxx video ful hd ?Your brother was right you know. I don?t need the mystery. I need honesty, or I refuse to stay here. Where ever it is.?

She looked up in time to see Rahsa flinch. But she refused to feel sorry for him. She looked at Wroth, who was smiling. The woman laughed, reminding Elaina that she was there.

?It looks like he brought a girl with spirit home this time.? She chimed, beaming at Elaina in delight. ?I?m Bubbles, by the way.?

Wroth rolled his eyes. ?As if your mother would have chosen such a simple name for you, lover.? He remarked dryly. ?Dear girl, don?t believe a word out of her mouth if it?s about herself. Moora doesn?t stick to one truthful thing about herself.?

Elaina thought about the name for a moment. ?Moo era?? She sounded it out slowly. Moora laughed in delight. ?Perhaps I should call her Bubbles.?

This startled a laugh out of Rahsa. ?Her name is a mouthful, as are ours.? He offered.

Wroth sat at the foot of the bed. ?Mine?s Wroth.?

Elaina nodded. ?Like Froth, with a ?W?.?

Rahsa sighed. ?Okay, you win. I?m Rahsa.?

Elaina eyed him. ?You could have told me that before the first date was over.?

?Maybe we should try again?? Rahsa suggested, his eyes darkening.

?Yuck.? Moora said. ?Wroth, perhaps we should make ourselves scarce??

?Indeed.? Wroth said, making a retching sound.

Rahsa leaned forward and captured Elaina?s mouth with his. She wrapped her arms around his neck, letting the blanket fall to pool at her waist. His smooth hand caressed her breast gently, making her sigh with delight.

He pulled away from her and stood. He pulled the sheets away from her body and began to undress himself. She sat up and moved to the edge of the bed, watching in fascination as he bared himself to her. His cock was hard, standing at attention. She slid off the bed and onto her knees, reaching out to his dick. She squeezed slightly, causing his to moan.

He pulled her gently forward and placed his cock in front of her mouth. She tentatively licked the tip of it, making Rahsa gasp. She opened her mouth and he pushed the head in. She closed her eyes as she began to suck. Rahsa groaned and began to thrust, /mouth/mouth-fuck/fucking-her-mouth/">fucking her mouth faster than she could handle. All she could do was gasp for breath each time he pulled back, before he rammed his dick down her throat again.

He grunted and stiffened with his cock down her throat, and she gagged as he erupted. He held her by the back of her head as his cum flowed down her throat. His cock gave one final squirt and he pulled out, letting her gasp for air.

He pulled Elaina to her /feet/">feet and moved back to the bed. He lay down, pulling her with him, so that she was on top. Rahsa began rubbing her body, as she grabbed for his dick. She squeezed and rubbed it, keeping him hard. His hands went to her waist, and he pulled her onto him. She moaned as he entered her pussy.

?Oh, god.? She whispered, staring down at this merman who had xxx sex video download free com deflowered her so quickly.